I was sixteen years old when I became the youngest qualified Professional Hunter in South Africa.

At the age of 18 I’ve joined Johan Calitz Safaris in Botswana as an apprentice dangerous game Professional Hunter. In a short period of time I’ve gained unsurpassed experience in the hunting of trophy elephant, buffalo, lion, crocodile, hippo and plains game.

My experience as a hunter was complimented by other safari related training and experiences. Building luxurious safari camps in the African bush, maintenance and management of camps and staff comes natural to me.

I’ve built on these experiences as I pursued dangerous game hunting in Tanzania and Mozambique. 



Whether it is a custom safari in South Africa, tracking Elephant in Namibia or doing any of the Royal safaris in remote Tanzania, WGS will take care of everything. Pre-arrange rifle import permits in all countries, accommodation if needed. Airport transfers, rifle clearance and check-ins. Everything will be taken care of before your safari and you can travel with your mind set at ease. Wikus will meet you personally at the closest airport to the hunting destination or remote airstrip depending on the country in which the safari takes place.

He will also guide the clients personally on each safari, even with group or family safaris Wikus and his hand-picked Professional Hunters will be presents taking care of every need to guarantee the comfort of the clients. From the vast openness of the Kalahari to the most unspoiled remote wilderness of Tanzania, Wikus Groenewald Safaris focuses on personal attention, making sure each and every client is having the safari of a lifetime.